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Brand Story  
Ladies and Gentlemen, 
It is my great honor to share Dietsche and Bravatís Brand story with you, my friends.

"Dietsche Group is established in 1873 at Black Forest, Germany and has great progresses every 3 decades.As a customer-oriented company, we commit to the perfection workmanship and provide intelligent total solution to our customers. It is our mission to bring the stylish design, quality products and professional service from the Black Forest to the world."

Dietsche"Dietsche has 2,500 sales points around Europe. Large DIY companies as Amazon, OBI etc. are our partners.Our 840 colleagues are now working in the offices at Germany, UK and USA. Our products are selling to 38 countries and regions."

Dietsche We operate with multi-brand strategy. Bravat is our core brand targets the high-end market, providing full scales of sanitary products.

Review our history and look ahead, Bravatís strategic planning for the next 5 years is to enhance our brand image and market shares in Asia and other emerging markets. I sincerely appreciate your support to Bravat and invite you to visit our new Galleries and Manufacturing Bases, we have offices at Emmendingen in Germany, Cordoba in Spain, Poznan in Poland, Pensnett in UK and LA in the U.S..

Mano Bakhtiari
CEO , Roman Dietsche GmbH

About Bravat  
Bravat is the High-end brand of kitchen and bath products owned by Roman Dietsche, a German sanitary ware provider funded at Yr.1873. We provide total solution for kitchen and bathroom to high-end customers with full ranges of sanitary products.

Our R&D Centers located in Germany respectively. The German perfection workmanship assure Bravat always brings you a healthy and comfortable bathroom experience.

With German quality and stylish designs, Bravat products are popular in luxury hotels and commercial constructions around the world. Since Yr.2000, Bravat grows steady in Asia. Our products are frequently recommended by designers and applied in different 5-star hotels, private clubs and high-end residential estates.

Meanwhile, we keep improving our manufacturing technology and integrating our resources to support the brand development. It is Bravat's global strategic goal to provide customer not only excellent products but also leading lifestyle.

Roots of Bravat  
1873, Mr. Roman Dietsche, our founder established the company in Black Forest, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, the region which is well known by its elaborate machinery and the world-class brands like Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Bosch.

1908, with over 30 years workmanship experience and technology development, Dietsche Company was developed from a family workshop to a professional manufacturer during the 2nd Industrial Revolution.

1970s, Mr. Alfons Dietsche, son the Mr. Roman Dietsche led the brand to a new height. The bathroom products with various colors sold well in the Europe market and established our leading status in the world plumbing industry.

1980s, we expanded the product ranges to metal bathroom accessories.

2000s, consolidate with IDD Group, Dietsche's sub-brands, Bravat, RD and Enzo Rodi have integrated the German product culture with excellent manufacturing to start a new phase of global development. We provide full ranges of sanitary products from faucts, accessories, bathtubs, shower enclosures, to basins, toilets and furnitures.

2008, Bravat's 350,000m2 new manufacturing base have been established in Zhuhai.

Bravat Philosophy  

Bathroom is not only a private space for shower but also a place to relax and gain inspiration.

Bathroom products have to fulfill users' habit and preferences, moreover, evoke our natural character.

So, as always, Bravat design keep innovating and breaking traditions. It is Bravat's mission to create you a gracious living space and lighten up your life.
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