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Chairman’s Message

“Modern age is the age of efficiency, ability and sincerity. The goodwill of any organization depends on its ability to get things done efficiently, nicely and quickly, irrespective of its nature and size. This is true for all kinds of organizations especially the one which deals with manpower-the most delicate matter for any person or groups of persons. To ensure this there must be right type of persons for right type of jobs. To save both time and money for the last sevrals years most of the investor have been looking for such organizations that possess this basic quality. This has become more prominent due to sharp rise in competition and economic depression. Type do not have time to wait and excrcise trial and error method.

The above phenomenos has placed an tremendous amount of responsibility on the part of the professionals who are given the task of handling the most intricate and complex job for and ortanization-Recruitment and placement of Manpower Resources-based on the scenario-place the people they need, at the price and time they want.

Since its inception Dahmashi Corporation Ltd. has beed successful in following this tradition and land maintaining fame in this field. It is fully equipped with qualified, efficient, experienced and sincere persons to serve the principals as per their requirements, desire and need. It is always ready to serve its valuable clients with best of its abillity and capacity.

In the pages that follow it was tried to present a brief outline about Dahmashi Corporation Ltd. This will explain its method of work and mode of action and other related information needed by the principals.

Since proper recruitment and selection of right persons for right jobs is very delicate matter, we hope that whenever you are in need of any dependable organization to do your job, you will try us first. Dahmashi Corporation Ltd. vows to make a parade of its abilities and capacities at the services of its clients.

” May Allah project and help us.”

Noman Chowdhury